Arlington Government Relations Subcommittee

Co-Chair: John Kusturiss, Penzance
Co-Chair: Matthew Weinstein, McGuireWoods

Ultimately, the vision of our subcommittee is the ability to put us in the position to influence County Policy, establishing NAIOP as an active and respected voice in the community. Our Mission will be guided by:

  • Open dialogue with County officials
  • Recognition by County officials that NAIOP Northern Virginia is a resource for information and advice that can aid in their decision making process
  • Maintaining a regional perspective
  • Keeping NAIOP aware of what is going on in the County and leverage member’s experience and influence when necessary
  • Focusing on outreach with other commercial development programs like NVBIA

Mission Statement:
The Arlington County Subcommittee's mission is to represent NAIOP Northern Virginia and the local development community in promoting sustainable, quality, smart growth commercial development projects and practices in Arlington County.


  • Maintain a positive attitude regardless of the issues at hand
  • Establish monthly meetings between ourselves, NVBIA and the County
  • Communicate effectively with the Government Relations Committee
  • Keep an open line of communication with the Government Relations Committee, Green Building Subcommittee and any other NAIOP committee, subcommittee or organization like NVBIA that has an interest in Arlington County
  • Determine which issues are worth monitoring and which issues the Subcommittee and NAIOP should be actively involved
  • Once identified, establish discussions and involvement with the County on these specific issues

Meeting Schedule:
Morning, 2nd and 4th Wednesday of Month. The meetings are via ZOOM and Microsoft Teams. The Meetings will resume in-person at Bean Kinney and the Arlington Government Building later in 2021.
To join, please call Eric Dobson at NAIOP at 703-845-7080

Link for Arlington/NAIOP Government Relations Meeting Items:
Arlington County NAIOP Project Page

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